Thankscrimmage 2017!!

Here are the challenge bouts so far (9/2017)

Instructions & Rules for 2017 (Sat, Nov. 25 10am-7pm) 
Thankscrimmage challenge bouts

Instructions & Rules for 2017 (Sat, Nov. 25 10am-7pm) Thankscrimmage challenge bouts

Skaters, Refs/NSOs, and Vendors: 
(Please register even if you plan to pay cash @ the door)

The link to sign up for Refs/NSO's:

                          Fee is $45

1. Post challenge ideas & ads looking for team players in the group message area 
& in Facebook group. Please keep themes fun! Please post skill level desired (freshmeat, intermediate, advanced). Please state: womens, mens, coed or juniors. Note: A themed mixed league team will take priority over single league teams. Limit: 8 coed challenge slots.

Fill out a Team Challenge Google Doc for both teams

Here is an example of information that needs to be included in your googledoc: 
                           ONLY AN EXAMPLE!!!!

Make sure to SHARE settings say "Anyone who has the link can EDIT" & copy your GoogleDoc link to the Thanscrimmage group for current rosters to sign up on.

2. Designate a captain as contact for the players & to submit completed roster & shirt colors to PCDD team coordinator.

3. Make up your team of 16 players leaving 4 open slots for game day (unless special permission approved by team coordinator). This will complete a full team of 20. Teams can be juniors (must be two full junior teams to be eligible for one challenge slot) or single sex-adult or adult coed.

4. Email the team coordinator your completed roster (Email just the google doc URL) with full names, derby names & numbers, home leagues, shirt colors and skill level by Nov 1st. You should have the challenge team listed as well. Email:

5. There will be 20 challenge slots & 40 teams allowed.

6. Even if you don't get on a pre-formed team, there will be at least two b/w scrimmages that you can sign up for (adults and juniors). Maximum team rosters allowed for each skater will be 3 teams. This is to allow for everyone a chance to participate. There will also be spots available on chosen teams the day of the event.

7. Ensure all listed skaters are registered.

Adult Skaters $25 on-line or $30 at the door. Junior Skaters: $20.00 On-line or $25 cash at the door. Spectators will pay only $10 for an all day pass.

8. Must have proof of current medical/health insurance plan at the day of the event or sign a medical insurance waiver or WFTDA insurance. (This applies to ALL skaters and skating refs).

9. We will post the accepted teams & times on or after November 15.

10. Please pass the word along that we need volunteers, refs, and NSOs to make this event a success!

Questions on reffing & nsoing? Facebook msg to Janet Nicholson,